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New website.

by Ezilii, 1015 days ago

We've relocated our home on the web.

You'll find it at

Please update your bookmarks.

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Flaming Ka...

by Ezilii, 1019 days ago

Flaming Ka was slaughtered last night. Video Evidence:



We spent some time on H. Gruul and turns out like always we seem to find the strangest bugs.


Wanted: Holy Priest Allurâ





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Oregorgerorgerorger Dead and well some others too.

by Ezilii, 1024 days ago







Oregorgerorgerorgerorgerorger Dead - A damn mess.

Gruul Dead - 1 shot

Beastlord Darmac Dead - 1 shot

Hans'gar and Franzok Dead - 1 shot

Not bad for the first night in a new instance.

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About Whisky

A bit of Whisky history:

Whisky was originally formed in October 2010 in preparation for Cataclysm with the core of its group having raided since Vanilla and together since Wrath.  After some early success in Cataclysm on Sen'jin life started to get the better of us as our families grew.  Most of the core has played here and there during MoP and now is coming back together and would love to add new friends and WoW family to our list of life long friends.

What we're doing between now and WoD:

Since WoD has an official release date now we're essentially preparing for the next expansion by leveling this new guild through leveling alts, running challenge modes, heroics, and heroic scenarios as a guild group. Alternatively our focus will be wrapping up achievements for the expansion.  

Our raid nights and times:

Monday and Wednesday 8-11p central.

Our future plans for WoD:

We intend to begin raiding as soon as Blizzard opens the gate for Warlords of Dreanor's raids.

Whisky's Mission

Whisky strives to provide and foster a vibrant community within the guild and our on associated realms while clearing current raid content at a reasonable pace.

We'll foster a vibrant community through guild activities and by hosting realm activities.

Our raids will progress through collaboration, hard work, honest communication, a mastery of our classes, and understanding of raid mechanics. The work starts before the first pull with mechanics review and strategy discussion on our forums with tweaks being made in the moment and after attempts as raid leaders see fit.  Discussion will continue on the forums until the first kill is made.  After that we'll collect a synopses of what worked for new raiding members references. Also smile for the camera as the kill will most likely be recorded.

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